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The Financial Ombudsman Service was set up by law as an independent public body. Our job is to resolve individual disputes between consumers and businesses - fairly, reasonably, quickly and informally.

What matters most to us and our customers is fairness. Where things aren’t fair, we can use our power to put them right.

Fairness isn’t only about making sure our answers and decisions are technically right. It’s also about wanting to make what we do feel right. And we do this by listening, thinking and explaining.

Fairness is the foundation of our long-held values:

  • we do the right thing;
  • we treat our customers well and respect their needs;
  • we do what we say we'll do; and
  • we're inquisitive and build everyone's knowledge.

To make sure we’re meeting people’s expectations of our service, we want to:

  • keep fairness at our heart - being fair and feeling fair;
  • be trusted and respected;
  • be recognised as well run and efficient;
  • provide insight to encourage fairness; and
  • make sure we reach and help those who need us.

what you can expect from us and telling us how we’re doing

In resolving the problems people refer to us, we’re committed to:

  • investigating fairly and listening to both sides
  • giving people our answer as quickly as possible
  • explaining things clearly and letting people know where they stand
  • meeting people’s particular communication and accessibility needs

We’re interested in all types of feedback about us - whether it’s positive, negative or just a reflection on using our service. If you’ve had a good experience, please let the person responsible know. If you’re not sure who to contact - or you have any questions -phone 0800 023 4 567 and we’ll get you to the right place.

To help us improve our service, we regularly ask consumers and businesses about their experience of using the ombudsman service. So we might get in touch with you to ask you how we’re doing. Your honest answers help us see where we’re doing well and how we could do better.

Sometimes we might not meet your expectations and if that happens we want to hear about it. We have a separate process for looking into complaints about us.

Caroline Wayman

need help?

consumer helpline
0800 023 4567

our technical advice desk
(for businesses and consumer advisers)
020 7964 1400

media enquiries
020 7964 1234
07901 118 018 out of hours