Social responsibility and sustainability

This policy outlines what social responsibility and sustainability means to us and how we'll meet our commitments on our four key principles. 

We recognise that we have an impact on the world, from our procurement practices and how we recycle, through to how we develop our people and engage with the community. It's important to us that we play our part to meet our current and future commitments, and positively contributes to improving our social impact.


Our people

Our people

Our commitment to our people includes providing tools, guidance and support that help keep their physical and mental health as good as it can be. We create and champion working policies, practices and principles so that our organisation accommodates – and encourages – diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing from top to bottom. This includes policies for carers, workplace adjustments, menopause guidelines and the ways we help protect our staff from unreasonable behaviour.

Every year we publish information about our approach to diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. You can read more about the ways we build a workplace that’s as attractive to current and future employees in our most recent diversity, inclusion and well-being report. The report includes data on diversity, and detail about the work we’ve done to positively impact our working culture.

Our environment

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming a sustainable organisation. We engage with our staff to raise awareness and work closely with our suppliers to ensure their services are responsibly sourced.

We have a longstanding partnership with The Carbon Trust. We worked closely with them to deliver a five-year carbon management plan between 2017-2022, exceeding the target we set ourselves. We continue to work with the Carbon Trust now that our five-year carbon management plan has come to an end. We are baselining and reviewing our data in relation of our direct and indirect emissions to set out our strategy for our route to net zero. 

Our community skydiving fundraising event

Our community

Our Giving Something Back initiative is how we collectively contribute to the community and environment around us, develop ourselves and support charity. Our employee-led Giving Something Back committee coordinate this, sharing and championing opportunities to work with and support our chosen charity partner and other organisations we support.

Our staff's willingness to volunteer in the local community and raise money for charity shows the values we all share in doing the right thing by other people.

We report on corporate social responsibility each year a part of our annual reports and accounts.

Our service is for everyone who needs our help resolving financial disputes, so we offer ways to make our service accessible. Find out more about what you can expect from us, and whether you're a customer with a complaint or business handling a complaint, what we do to provide you with excellent customer service

Our organisation

We're committed to work with suppliers who share the same aims and values as us, and who promote integrity, ethical behaviour and follow sustainable procurement practices. 

We publish our procurement policy and our commitments under The Modern Slavery Act, and we use government frameworks to make sure that our suppliers have been audited before we start working with them.