Malcolm noticed that he may have been mis-sold a pension annuity, which meant that he and his family were potentially missing out on financial benefits.

Malcolm on his pensions problem.

What happened

In 2018 Malcolm discovered that due to health issues he had at that time, he may have been mis-sold a pension annuity that he bought back in 2008. When Malcolm brought his complaint to the company, they didn’t agree and told him that the annuity had been sold correctly. Malcolm didn’t feel that his health issues were properly considered and felt his complaint was dismissed unfairly by the company. So Malcolm contacted us.

How we helped

We looked into Malcolm’s case and decided that the company had not provided Malcolm with enough information at the time and had therefore mis-sold the annuity.

Putting things right

A compensation package was agreed and Malcom’s monthly payments were increased. The outcome has meant that Malcolm has more money to spend on himself and his family. Malcolm found the ombudsman process simple to access and use and felt that a pressure was lifted from him when we got involved.

It's been a very easy process. It's free - and they treat you as an individual.

How we can help you

We can help with all sorts of pensions problems. You will need to have made a formal complaint to the business in question first. If after that you're still not happy, then get in touch.

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