Consumer questions third party driver's injury claim

Motor Insurance

Fran was suspicious of the injury claim made by a third party. We found the insurer had taken reasonable steps to assess that claim.

What happened

After an accident with a motorbike, Fran’s insurer paid the third party’s claim. But she said that the other driver was speeding. She was also suspicious about the other driver’s personal injury claim, saying she’d seen him walking around after the accident, so she complained to her insurer. The insurer said in its final response they had acted fairly. Unhappy with the outcome, Fran made a complaint to us. 

What we said

We could see that the insurer had looked at CCTV from the area during their investigation. The other driver’s insurer had provided expert medical evidence to support his claim. Because of this, we thought that the insurer had carried out a fair and reasonable investigation.

We found that the insurer was correct to pay the third party’s claim.