Insurer accepts liability 50/50

Motor Insurance

Mike complained to us when he was involved in a road accident and his insurer accepted an equal split of liability.

What happened

Mike was involved in an accident at a roundabout. His insurer accepted an offer from the other driver’s insurer to split responsibility 50/50, but Mike thought this was unfair and made a complaint. Unhappy with the insurer’s final response, he contacted our service and made a complaint. 

What we said 

We looked at the evidence the insurer had used. The other driver had denied responsibility – and neither a loss adjuster nor an engineer had been able to decide who was responsible.

In the circumstances, we thought the insurer’s decision to accept a 50/50 offer was reasonable and didn’t uphold Mike’s complaint. 

The claim would be recorded as a fault claim as the insurer was unable to recover all the costs.