Insurer fails to arrange courtesy car during a long delay

Motor Insurance

Christine complains after her insurer took nearly 6 months to repair her car.

What happened

Christine’s insurer took nearly 6 months to repair her car. The garage had ordered the wrong parts and much of the delay was due to this mistake. 

The insurer gave her a courtesy car for the first 14 days, as per the policy. However after that, she had no replacement car. 

Christine told us she lived in a rural area without regular buses or trains and she’d paid for taxis to take her children to school. Her insurer was refusing to pay this.

What we said

In the end, we told her insurer to cover the taxi costs since the delays were due to errors on their side and she had no other way of getting her children to school. However, we said it was fair for the insurer to deduct the savings Christine had made due to not having to pay for fuel in her car.