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stop harassing my dad

The moment I answered my dad’s phone and heard the words "debt collection" and "overdue repayments", I knew I had to do something to help him. It turns out he’d been getting these calls 12 times a day, despite telling them he couldn’t afford what they were asking for.

how we helped Jon

As soon as Jon told us about his dad’s situation we gave the debt collector a call and asked for their side of the story. The facts showed that it had been chasing Jon’s dad persistently - without even making any attempt to find out how much he could actually afford to repay.

This was unfair. We told them to work with Jon's dad to sort out affordable repayments - and to compensate him for the unnecessary worry and upset they'd caused.



debt collectors at my front door

I received a letter from a company I didn’t recognise talking about my loan. They said they were “acting for the lender” and would be sending someone to my door if I didn’t pay up. I’ve got two kids. I didn’t want the bailiffs showing up! I had to do something.

how we helped Lewis

Lewis told us that he knew the repayments on his loan were overdue but he was scared he couldn’t afford them. So he'd ignored the latest letters. This was why the debt ended up with a debt collector.

We explained that companies should only use debt collectors as a last resort. And you should never be intimidated into letting them in. We suggested Lewis work out how much he could afford to pay back.

Then we helped him get in touch with the company he owed money to - to talk through his problems and stop any further action being taken.



when enough was enough

I was at the check-out with a trolley full of shopping and a queue behind me - and they're telling me that my card's been declined. I just thought "right, enough's enough". My debts had been getting on top of me for too long. I was fed up of borrowing left, right and centre and still being broke.

how we helped Leanne

We spoke to Leanne who told us that she just needed a breathing space - and a bit of help managing her debts. We knew just the people and put her in touch with the free debt charity, StepChange. They worked with her to see where she could start reducing her debts - by making affordable repayments that left Leanne enough money for the essentials.



I'd never even heard of a CPA!

I checked my bank balance after my card was declined and saw that £100’s had been taken out by a payday lender I’d borrowed money from months ago. In a panic I went to my bank who said I'd given the loan company a continuous payment authority (CPA) and would have to speak to them to cancel it. I’d never even heard of a CPA. Every time I tried to phone the loan company, the line went dead.

how we helped Claire

Claire told us she remembered giving the payday lender the long number on the front of her card when she took out the loan - but didn’t realise that this meant she’d signed up to a so-called CPA. We explained the bank was wrong to say that she would have to contact the payday lender. Banks can cancel CPA’s themselves.

We got in touch with the bank and told it to cancel Claire’s CPA. Then we contacted the payday lender and told it to refund the money it had taken.

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