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December 2005

FSA recommends no change to £100,000 limit on ombudsman awards

15 December 2005

- but consults jointly with ombudsman on case for raising limit to £200,000

ombudsman news - issue 50

14 December 2005

includes: complaints involving banking contracts; redress in pension cases; and time bar rules and mortgage endowment complaints
[issue 50 - PDF version opens in new window]

November 2005

chairman's speech to AIFA

30 November 2005

Chris Kelly, ombudsman service chairman, speaks at Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA) annual dinner

meet the ombudsman ...

25 November 2005

at our last conference in 2005 for firms - at the Barbican, London, on Thursday 1 December

mortgage endowment redress in more complicated cases

3 November 2005

technical briefing note

October 2005

ombudsman news - issue 49

17 October 2005

National Savings & Investments joins Financial Ombudsman Service; changes in medical circumstances after policyholder with annual travel insurance has booked holiday; and when we can dismiss investment complaints without considering their merits
[issue 49 - PDF version - opens in new window]

consultation on new single "FEES" manual

7 October 2005

consultation announced on proposal to collate FSA rules on regulatory fees and levies (and relevant ombudsman "DISP" 4 and 5 rules) into new single Fees Manual in FCA Handbook

the ombudsman service and IFAs

4 October 2005

speech by Walter Merricks, chief ombudsman, at "Financial Adviser" Expo

assumptions for redress in pensions cases that fall outside the Pensions Review

3 October 2005

technical briefing note

September 2005

changes to the procedural rules to take account of the new "wider implications" process

30 September 2005

"wider implications" arrangements rules published

meeting our customers' needs

29 September 2005

updated details on how we can provide services and information in different languages and formats

mortgage endowment questionnaire for consumers with endowment complaints

13 September 2005

"new-look" format now available (with more space for answers, clearer sections and new layout)

[mortgage endowment questionnaire - PDF version opens in new window]

August 2005

ombudsman news - issue 48

23 August 2005

when banks decide to close a customer's account; "non-disclosure" in insurance cases; and what exactly is an experienced investor?

[issue 48 - PDF version opens in new window]

check out our updated and expanded "frequently-asked-questions" (FAQs) for firms

11 August 2005

July 2005

ombudsman news - issue 47

20 July 2005

forged signatures on cheques, market value adjustments (MVAs) and legal expenses insurance

[issue 47 - PDF version opens in new window]

our service standards

13 July 2005

updated version of our service standards - and how to complain if you're unhappy with the service we have provided - now available

June 2005

annual review

29 June 2005

ombudsman service publishes annual review of personal finance disputes

ombudsman news - issue 46

23 June 2005

plastic cards used as "credit-tokens"; non-disclosure in insurance complaints; and more mortgage endowment complaints

[issue 46 - PDF version opens in new window]

consumer information about the ombudsman now available in Greek, Somali and Turkish

10 June 2005

May 2005

Abbey to review rejected mortgage endowment complaints: our frequently-asked-questions for consumers

25 May 2005

listen to the ombudsman website being read aloud - on your own computer

9 May 2005

ombudsman news - issue 45

5 May 2005

banks' duty of confidentiality to customers

[issue 45 - PDF version opens in new window]

April 2005

an introduction to the Financial Ombudsman Service - updated version now available

22 April 2005

guide for firms that don't generally have much direct contact with the ombudsman service

a guide for complaints handlers - [PDF version opens in new window]

22 April 2005

for people working in compliance and customer services at larger firms

what the ombudsman service means for insurance firms

8 April 2005

principal ombudsman, Tony Boorman, at BIBA annual conference, explains ...

results of public consultation on our plan & budget for 2005/06

5 April 2005

ombudsman news - issue 44

4 April 2005

surgical complications and personal accident insurance; customers' attitude to risk in mortgage endowment cases; and a round-up of recent banking cases

[issue 44 - PDF version opens in new window]

March 2005

"wider implications" issues

30 March 2005

FSA and ombudsman give feedback on implementing improved procedures

Equitable Life complaints

23 March 2005

chief ombudsman issues decision on GAR-related lead case and on whether to investigate Penrose-related cases

workingtogether 2005 - details now available for our new series of conferences for firms

16 March 2005

ombudsman news - issue 43

1 March 2005

mortgage underfunding; insurance intermediaries and transitional complaints; and tax and compensation

[issue 43 - PDF version opens in new window]

January 2005

ombudsman news - issue 42

31 January 2005

"CHAPS" payments; insurance fraud case-studies; and a brief guide to the ombudsman service procedures and approach

[issue 42 - PDF version opens in new window]

new chairman and non-executive directors appointed

25 January 2005

announcement of ombudsman appointments

17 January 2005

financial ombudsman consults on budget and workload forecasts

14 January 2005

new senior appointments announced

7 January 2005

quality director and director of human resources


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