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got your gadgets?

30 December 2015

the ombudsman speaks to BBC 5Live Breakfast about insuring gadgets - and what to do if things go wrong

talking debt in Scotland

15 December 2015

we're in Glasgow at the Credit Services Association regional forum talking to debt collectors about effective complaint handling - and how the ombudsman can help

on this day …

14 December 2015

four years ago we hosted a drop-in day for members of parliament - and we continue to work closely with parliament alongside the FCA and other regulatory bodies

financial ombudsman consults on plans and budget for the year ahead

8 December 2015

sharing our insight

8 December 2015

we’re talking to payday lenders to share what we’ve seen and to help them deal with complaints quickly and fairly

money matters in the midlands

8 December 2015

we’re in Birmingham for our last consumer adviser training day of 2015

talking banking

7 December 2015

we’re meeting members of the British Bankers’ Association to talk about handling complaints effectively and treating people fairly

night time across the Mersey

3 December 2015

the ombudsman chats to Pete Price on his Liverpool Radio City late-night show - about pensions, scams, borrowing money for Christmas ... and hoverboards

in the garden of England

2 December 2015

we're chatting with smaller businesses in Ashford about how we listen to both sides of the story to get things sorted

our Christmas countdown

1 December 2015

it's day one of our ombudsman advent calendar - head over to Twitter to find out what's behind the first door - and follow us so you don't miss our festive tweets

knowing what matters

1 December 2015

in our latest issue of ombudsman news we're looking at complaints from older people - as well as taking an in-depth look at the feedback we get from businesses


did you know?

30 November 2015

Polish was the language we used most last year, other than English and Welsh - but we can communicate in over 30 others too

talking credit

30 November 2015

we're meeting credit providers and the Finance and Leasing Association - exploring consumer credit issues

should more SMEs be given access to the ombudsman?

27 November 2015

the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) seeks views on whether access to the ombudsman should be extended to more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - in addition to the small businesses ("micro enterprises") already covered and using the service

back in Birmingham

27 November 2015

we're at Birmingham's Central Mosque meeting with local people - finding out what money matters are on their minds, and how we can help

deadline for PPI complaints?

26 November 2015

the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), consults on introducing a deadline and other new complaints-handling rules - for PPI complaints

fairness at the front line

25 November 2015

we're meeting front-line advisers at the Money Advice Liaison Group conference in London - talking about how we look at debt problems

linking up in Lincolnshire

23 November 2015

a trio of training sessions with Citizens Advice kicks off in Grantham - talking money matters, financial hardship and vulnerability

did you know?

20 November 2015

we try and help everyone who gets in touch with us - but if we can't help with a particular problem, we can point you in the direction of someone else who can

money matters in Manchester

18 November 2015

we’re delivering workshops to the Citizens Advice in Manchester and finding out about what is affecting consumers in the north-west

shipshape and Bristol fashion

18 November 2015

we’re in Bristol talking to financial businesses about how we look at complaints and how we can work together to help their customers

close to home

18 November 2015

we’re meeting with building societies to share our insight about mortgage problems, such as lending decisions, financial hardship and vulnerability

sorting things out in Oxford

17 November 2015

we’re meeting with local businesses in Oxford about fairness and how we can work together to sort out problems

East Anglian advice

11 November 2015

we're speaking with Norwich's front-line advisers about the problems they're seeing and how we can help

a university challenge

10 November 2015

we're in Cambridge hearing from local advisers about the money matters affecting the university city

on this day …

9 November 2015

eight years ago we first published information about our service in Portuguese - and now we have information in over 30 languages on our website

money advice in Durham

6 November 2015

we're at the Community Money Advice conference talking about how we can help with their client's money matters

pottering into Stoke

5 November 2015

we're talking with local consumer advisers about how we can help people in financial difficulties and debt problems

farming finance

4 November 2015

the ombudsman's on BBC Radio Cumbria, hearing about the financial problems facing farmers locally

East Midlands money matters

4 November 2015

we're in the cathedral city of Lincoln chatting to advice workers about helping consumers in vulnerable circumstances

on this day …

2 November 2015

four years ago we first opened our phone lines on Saturdays - making our service more accessible than ever before


north of the border

28 October 2015

we're in Edinburgh talking with insurers about resolving disputes quickly and fairly

on this day …

26 October 2015

eight years ago we appeared on Tonight with Trevor McDonald to talk about PPI - a topic we're helping thousands of people with today

busting insurance myths

26 October 2015

we’re in Newcastle talking with the Chartered Insurance Institute about what we’re seeing and how to resolve complaints

get on the spot advice in Birmingham

22 October 2015

we’re in Birmingham's bullring shopping centre till Monday, providing on the spot advice to help sort out money problems

north easterly

21 October 2015

we're meeting community workers in Scarborough and Middlesbrough to talk about local money problems and how to prevent complaints

finding fairness

20 October 2015

in our latest issue of ombudsman news we're discussing complaints about life assurance and hire purchase agreements - as well as publishing our complaints data for the second quarter of 2015/2016

talking credit in the capital

20 October 2015

we're talking with the Credit Services Association about debt collection and how we're moving with the times

did you know?

16 October 2015

we're not the regulator, but we do work closely with the FCA - you can find out more in our annual review

it's Great to be in Yarmouth

14 October 2015

our smaller business roadshow is meeting with local businesses in Great Yarmouth to talk about solving money problems

money savvy in Stormont

13 October 2015

we’re in Stormont talking to Northern Irish politicians about the money problems we can help with - as well as meeting business representatives and community advisers across Belfast

did you know?

9 October 2015

calls to 0800 numbers are now free on mobile phones and landlines - so if you need us, just call 0800 023 4 567

compliance chat

7 October 2015

we're talking about our work in investments and pensions with compliance professionals from Simply Biz in Huddersfield

supporting advisers in Birmingham

7 October 2015

we're at the Advice UK's annual conference to hear about challenges and successes in the advice sector, and to share where we can help

working together in Worcester

6 October 2015

we're at the Association of Professional Financial Advisers regional forum, talking about how we can work with financial advisers to help get problems sorted

on this day …

2 October 2015

seven years ago we appeared in Choice magazine to raise awareness of our service with older consumers

a day for the ages

1 October 2015

we're celebrating International Day of Older Persons at the "It's All About Money" event in Liverpool's Adelphi Theatre - raising awareness about the work we do


sharing knowledge in South Yorkshire

30 September 2015

we're talking to Doncaster's consumer advisers about how we can help sort out problems like credit broking and debt collecting

what's suitable?

29 September 2015

we're meeting with financial planners in London to discuss our approach in assessing the suitability of investments

on your behalf for 20 years

26 September 2015

the ombudsman joins other contributors to BBC Northern Ireland's On Your Behalf, to mark the show's 20th anniversary

on this day …

24 September 2015

two years ago our chairman acted as quiz-master for a "young consumers vs parliamentarians" money quiz - aimed at increasing awareness among young people about their financial rights

talking money matters

23 September 2015

we're meeting with the Money Advice Group in Preston and Birmingham, talking about how we can get things sorted

that back-to-school feeling

22 September 2015

our latest issue of ombudsman news explores what young people are complaining about, breaches of data and complaints from smaller businesses

knowledge Poole

22 September 2015

we're sailing into Poole to share our insight with smaller businesses on how to handle complaints effectively

checking on your behalf

19 September 2015

the ombudsman's on BBC Northern Ireland's On Your Behalf, helping sort out listeners' problems with electronic payment and cheque services

last stop in Scotland

18 September 2015

we're ending our week of Scottish events in Perth, meeting with the local branch of the Chartered Insurance Institute to discuss all things insurance

on this day …

15 September 2015

four years ago the ombudsman told viewers of BBC Watchdog that you don't need a claims-management company to complain, it's easy to do it yourself

just off the Royal Mile

15 September 2015

we're in Edinburgh talking to local consumer advisers about how we can help with problems such as debt collecting and payday lending

disability matters

10 September 2015

we're at the Disability North exhibition in Newcastle - talking about how we can help people in difficult situations

getting it right

9 September 2015

as part of our work sharing our insight we're meeting another group of claims managers to make sure they understand our approach to packaged bank accounts - and to avoid them referring complaints unnecessarily in the future

over the Irish sea

8 September 2015

we're in Belfast, meeting with local consumer advisers - talking about common problems with consumer credit, scams and mortgages

catching up with Citizens Advice

8 September 2015

over 800 advisers and volunteers will be at the Citizens Advice annual conference - we'll be there too, letting them know how we can help get money matters sorted

did you know?

7 September 2015

we answered 21,000 calls on our advice desk last year - offering free, informal help to businesses and people helping consumers

rock solid advice

3 September 2015

we're still in the Granite City - but before we leave Aberdeen there's time to catch up with local community advice workers to help them deal with consumers' money troubles

a step closer to helping consumers in financial difficulty

3 September 2015

StepChange debt charity are visiting us to see how we work, learn about how we’re moving with the times and see how we can work together in the future

what's suitable?

2 September 2015

we're meeting with the Personal Finance Society in Perth and Bristol busting some myths about the ombudsman - including our approach to suitability reports and insistent clients

dee-lighted to see you!

2 September 2015

we're in Aberdeen meeting smaller businesses at our roadshow - then meeting with other organisations who help consumers with debt and other problems

did you know?

1 September 2015

we’re here to help everyone who needs us - so don’t be put off if you have different communication needs


on your behalf

29 August 2015

we talk to BBC Radio Ulster's On Your Behalf about personal accident cover and problems involving mental health and travel insurance

head west

26 August 2015

the ombudsman's live on air on BBC Somerset, answering listeners' questions about PPI, mortgage endowments, scams and money transfers

ombudsman publishes latest complaints data on individual financial businesses

25 August 2015

did you know?

24 August 2015

last year, excluding PPI, we resolved 53% of all cases we received in under three months - to find out how we're working faster and smarter, check out our interview with Garry Wilkinson, principal ombudsman

from Devon to Merseyside

18 August 2015

we’re on BBC Radio Devon and BBC Radio Merseyside this morning chatting about our latest edition of ombudsman news

listening and learning

18 August 2015

issue 127 of ombudsman news features case studies on vulnerable consumers - as well as a focus on our work with consumer advisers

understanding micro-enterprises from the complaints we see

17 August 2015

the ombudsman takes a closer look at the types of complaint brought by micro-enterprises - and the relationship between these businesses and financial providers

here when you need us

13 August 2015

our technical advice desk, the free helpline for businesses and consumer advisers, is now available from 8am to 6pm - so you can get the help you need, when you need it

on this day …

11 August 2015

six years ago we were at Citizens Advice Scotland's annual conference - and we still continue to work closely with them and many other organisations to this day

going on a summer holiday?

3 August 2015

if you're heading off to sunnier climes this summer make sure to watch our latest video before you go


Brighton rocks

31 July 2015

we're on a chat show at BBC Sussex, turning the tide on finance worries with our tips for avoiding scams

did you know?

31 July 2015

we ran over 200 seminars, roadshows and events last year - why not see if we're going to be in your area this year?

what's keeping Coventry awake at night?

30 July 2015

we'll be sharing knowledge and insight with advisers at the Consumer Empowerment Partnership meeting - in particular, what we're seeing with payday loans

the march against debt

29 July 2015

the Royal British Legion are holding a drop-in session as part of their debt and money awareness week - we're going along to show how we can help

meet the Crewe

28 July 2015

our smaller business roadshow is in Crewe - answering questions about how the ombudsman can help when something has gone wrong

tackling problems in Telford

22 July 2015

we're meeting with Telford Citizens Advice - talking about the problems they're seeing and how consumers can wise up to scams

live on Merseyside

21 July 2015

today we're on BBC Merseyside chatting about mortgages and answering listeners' questions with presenter Will Batchelor - tune in here from 1pm to hear it live

for better or worse

21 July 2015

issue 126 of ombudsman news features case studies on mortgages - as well as our complaints data for the first quarter of the year

get by with a little help from the ombudsman

21 July 2015

we're in Liverpool and Chester talking to local advice agencies about how we can help consumers with their mortgage matters

on this day …

20 July 2015

ten years ago we published issue 47 of ombudsman news - discussing cheques, market value adjustments and legal expenses

better by design

14 July 2015

we've been working with disability charity Shaw Trust to improve the accessibility of our consumer leaflet

let's talk vulnerability

14 July 2015

we're meeting with complaint handlers from banks, building societies and credit providers to talk about making sure vulnerable consumers are treated fairly

helping those who help consumers

14 July 2015

we're running a drop-in session for consumer advisers and MPs to learn more about the ombudsman - particularly focusing on how we can help with financial difficulties

finance at fifty ... and beyond

13 July 2015

what matters with your money can change over time - so we're at the 50+ show at London Olympia this week to talk to older consumers and find out about the issues they're facing


10 July 2015

we've been appearing on buses across Leeds over the last month, letting people know we're here to help - catch us if you can!

from Blackpool to Bradford

8 July 2015

our smaller business roadshow is in Lancashire then Yorkshire this week - we'll be talking fairness with local businesses and letting them know about help that's available to them

what's the lowdown in London?

7 July 2015

we’re talking with financial advisers at the Association of Professional Financial Adviser’s regional seminar, looking into the complaints we’re seeing and how we can work together to resolve them

from BBC Cornwall to BBC Scotland

6 July 2015

we’re talking to regional radio stations around the UK this morning about vishing and avoiding scams - why not take part and tweet us your thoughts?

wise up to scams, and call time on phone fraud

6 July 2015

did you know that you can now text us on 07860 027 586?

2 July 2015

there are lots of ways you can get in touch to talk to us - which is what we’re sharing with consumers at Bournemouth’s Trading Standards events


Trading Standards at the seaside

30 June 2015

the Trading Standards and Consumer Affairs Conference starts in Bournemouth this week -  we’ll be there talking money issues, vulnerable consumers and how we’re moving with the times 

all about the brokerage

29 June 2015

Charlotte Sanderson from the ombudsman shares her top tips on situations involving credit brokers in June’s edition of Experts & Insight

marching together against debt

25 June 2015

we're in Denmark Hill at the Salvation Army's Debt Advice Best Practice Day - sharing some practical tips for advisers helping people who are in financial hardship

keeping fairness, rebuilding trust

23 June 2015

issue 125 of ombudsman news features case studies on unregulated collective investments and complaints involving “middlemen” - as well as a look at how we’re moving with the times

our ombudsman news app

23 June 2015

you can now get every issue of ombudsman news direct to your smartphone or tablet by visiting the App store, Google Play or Amazon app store

discussions in Durham

23 June 2015

we’re busting some myths for smaller businesses in Durham, and chatting about how the ombudsman can work with them and help solve problems

being treated fairly?

23 June 2015

we’re joining organisations in Belfast at the Northern Ireland Discussion Forum to share our experiences about treating vulnerable customers fairly

sharing knowledge in Surrey

15 June 2015

we’re meeting with members of the insurance industry at a regional CII forum in Guildford - we’ll be letting them know about how we look at things and what we have seen

money worries hacking you off? don't worry Hakon's here to help ...

15 June 2015

Hakon's helped us explain where the word ombudsman came from, now he's back sharing what it means to be an ombudsman and how we can help take the worries away

live in Leeds

11 June 2015

if you missed us in Leeds yesterday, you might still spot us on the buses - as we let people know how we can help

midlands meet-up

9 June 2015

we’re taking our smaller businesses roadshow to Birmingham - we’ll be discussing case studies and answering questions about how we’re making money matters fairer

bringing it to the border

4 June 2015

we're in Carlisle today sharing our approach and how we can help as part of our work with consumer advisers

Tyne to meet the ombudsman

3 June 2015

we're in Newcastle meeting small businesses and sharing our insights on how good communication makes all the difference

help by association

2 June 2015

we’re meeting the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants to talk about fairness and the help we can offer them

catching up in Crieff

1 June 2015

we're focusing on financial difficulty today at Money Advice Scotland's annual conference, meeting advisers and talking with them about the work we do


putting things right on the Isle of Wight

20 May 2015

following publication of our annual review, the ombudsman chats to Isle of Wight radio about how we’ve helped people living on the island sort out money problems over the past year

the ombudsman at fifteen - lessons from the past, looking to the future

19 May 2015

Walking out of the Darkness

16 May 2015

money matters and issues with mental health can often go hand in hand - which is why we’re at CLASP’s Walking out of the Darkness event talking about how the ombudsman can help get things sorted

on the Midlands mainline

15 May 2015

this May we’ve been making our way around the Midlands - if you missed us in person, you might spot us on the trains - as we let people know how we can help

money problems cropping up in Northern Ireland

13 May 2015

we’re at the Balmoral Show - organised by the Royal Ulster Argricultural Society - talking to people about finance and insurance related complaints in rural and agricultural communities

listening in Leicester

12 May 2015

we’re in Leicester speaking to consumer advisers about how we can support vulnerable consumers - including with power of attorney problems - and hearing more about local issues

deaf awareness week

7 May 2015

SignSolutions join us to talk about the deaf community and explain the services available to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing

meeting businesses in Belfast

6 May 2015

we’re in Belfast chatting to advisers, mortgage brokers and consumer credit businesses - answering questions about the ombudsman and sharing our approach to cases

money advisers in the Midlands

6 May 2015

we’re in Manchester today and Thursday at the Institute of Money Advisers annual conference - sharing how we can help consumers and businesses, and hearing about best practices and current issues in the advice sector

removing everyday barriers

5 May 2015

making a complaint can be challenging enough without adding unnecessary communication barriers - which is why our information’s available in range of formats depending on your needs


heading to Naidex

28 April 2015

we’re at Naidex today - the largest disability and rehabilitation event in the UK - talking with consumers about how we may be able to help them with money matters

St George's Day in Brighton

23 April 2015

we’re on the south coast today chatting to members of the Insurance Institute of Brighton about working together and resolving complaints quickly and fairly

insurance insight

20 April 2015

we’re discussing insurance with brokers and advisers today at the Chartered Insurance Institute conference in Milton Keynes

it's a pleasure to meet you

17 April 2015

this weekend we’re by the seaside in Blackpool at the UK Credit Unions Conference, explaining how we can help get things sorted early on

finance, farmers and finding help

16 April 2015

the ombudsman talks to BBC Radio Cumbria about the problems that farmers can face, that we can help sort out

next stop, Nottingham

16 April 2015

we’ll be talking to local businesses and working through some case studies as our meet the ombudsman road show reaches Nottingham

pension risks and opportunities

14 April 2015

find out about the scams to avoid and the new options to think about with the introduction of the "pension freedom" changes

with finance it's not always a straight road

14 April 2015

we’re meeting with advice workers in Colchester to share how we can help put things right in relation to financial hardship, unaffordable lending and debt collection

giving people the power

7 April 2015

we've been working with organisations including the FCA and Age UK to let people know about their rights when helping a friend or relative struggling with managing their finances or a power of attorney

what's the alternative?

7 April 2015

find out more about our future service - and where the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) directive fits in

on the menu at Tunbridge Wells

1 April 2015

travel and motor insurance - as well as investments and pensions - are all on the menu for our breakfast meeting with members of the Chartered Insurance Institute


understanding lives and livelihoods

31 March 2015

... in our latest ombudsman news

North to Nairn

27 March 2015

we're by the Moray Firth learning about the problems consumer advisers are seeing and sharing how we can help them help their clients

giving the lowdown in the Highlands

26 March 2015

today we’re at Citizens Advice Scotland’s annual Highland Gathering in Strathpeffer. We’ll be talking to frontline community advisers about  our role and how we help consumers.

our annual plan and budget ...

25 March 2015

... are now finalised and approved for 2015/2016

money matters in Belfast

23 March 2015

we’re in Belfast this week - hearing about local problems at the Northern Ireland discussion forum, and talking to advisers on Consumerline about faulty goods bought on credit

on the buses in Birmingham

23 March 2015

the ombudsman is in the Midlands to remind people there to contact us if they’re having money problems 

opening our front doors

18 March 2015

on Saturday 700 people joined us in Tower Hamlets for our first open day, meeting our people and finding out more about what it means to be part of the ombudsman

stumped by insurance issues?

12 March 2015

we're at the home of Hampshire Cricket in Southampton, talking to the Chartered Insurance Institute about how we can help them to make things better for consumers

still smiling

11 March 2015

Sally Young from the ombudsman is at Smile London to share how we communicate with the people who work here

Leeds-ing the way

11 March 2015

whether it's about what we can ask a business to do to put things right or how we help consumers in financial difficulties, we're in Leeds answering advice workers' questions and hearing about local problems

everything e-money

11 March 2015

we're meeting the Electronic Money Association today to talk through payment problems and how to create a positive complaints experience

PPI - what's happening

9 March 2015

Caroline Wayman, chief ombudsman, chats to Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5 Live about what's happening with PPI

helping out in Hertfordshire

3 March 2015

following a sold out session last year, we’re back in Hatfield - meeting local businesses and sharing how we can help them get things right for their customers from the start

cars, credit and complaints - part two

3 March 2015

because of high demand, we're running our workshop again for finance providers, manufacturers and trade bodies - discussing complaints where consumers are unhappy with the quality of vehicles they've bought using credit agreements

inclusion week

2 March 2015

the ombudsman hosts a range of events this week to celebrate equality and diversity - how recognising difference can help improve customer service


cars, credit and complaints

26 February 2015

we're hosting a workshop with finance providers, manufacturers and trade bodies to talk about complaints where consumers are unhappy with the quality of vehicles they've bought using credit agreements

gathering in Glasgow

25 February 2015

the ombudsman is in Glasgow for The Gathering - an event for people working in voluntary groups to meet up and learn from each other in order to help their customers

medical matters

24 February 2015

we’ve invited insurers to join us at a forum we're hosting - to meet our ombudsmen, share their thoughts and ask questions about our approach to private medical insurance complaints

linking-up with Lincoln

24 February 2015

we're at the annual Lincoln Poverty Conference, sharing ideas with other organisations about managing debt and financial hardship

ombudsman publishes latest complaints data on individual financial businesses

24 February 2015

speaking up on mortgages problems

19 February 2015

David Cresswell from the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio Wiltshire about how important it is to face up to mortgage problems - before they get out of hand

love is in the air

14 February 2015

the ombudsman’s Caroline Wells joins Share Radio’s Valentine’s Day special to talk romance and finance

inspecting gadget insurance

11 February 2015

the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours about the rise in the number of gadget insurance complaints

the local Derby

10 February 2015

we’re chatting with community advisers in Derby about local issues, finding out what they are seeing and letting them know how we can help consumers with money problems - from financial hardship to payday loans

Ulster calling

7 February 2015

David Cresswell from the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio Ulster’s On Your Behalf about our new tips on power of attorney

helping people with power of attorney problems

4 February 2015

the ombudsman publishes tips today to help banks and consumers avoid problems when supporting people who are losing the capacity to manage their finances


sharing is caring

28 January 2015

chief ombudsman, Caroline Wayman, joins Sarah Pennells at Share Radio for a chat about travel insurance

pretty in pink

28 January 2015

the ombudsman features in Pink News, Europe’s largest gay news service, after we highlight Ms B’s plight in ombudsman news

don't let hitting the slopes hit your insurance ...

27 January 2015

issue 123 of ombudsman news features case studies on winter sports cover and shares a statistical snap shot of our work from the last quarter

on your behalf

24 January 2015

the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio Ulster’s On Your Behalf about the rising number of packaged bank account and payday loan complaints we’re sorting out

backstage tour of PPI

22 January 2015

we’re welcoming a group of PPI consumers in to meet us to provide a glimpse into how we’re dealing with their cases

doing our fair share

17 January 2015

the ombudsman talks to Share Radio - the UK’s first radio station dedicated to money matters - about what to watch out for to avoid being scammed

heaven is a place on earth

17 January 2015

the ombudsman checks-in at the Gay Star Travel Expo in London's Heaven to talk travel insurance

know the score

17 January 2015

Caroline Wells from the ombudsman talks credit ratings with Savvy Woman

broadcasting in Bradford

15 January 2015

Caroline Wells from the ombudsman chats to BCB 106.6FM, Bradford’s community radio station, about ways to avoid being scammed

financing your fitness

14 January 2015

with 2015 underway, the ombudsman shares our top tips with Pride on getting your finances into shape

cutting complaints

12 January 2015

you might not expect the ombudsman to crop up on Hairdressers Journal Interactive - but we use a range of everyday channels to highlight how we can help people with financial problems

into the West (Midlands)

7 January 2015

Martyn James from the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio West Midlands about the complaints we're seeing from Birmingham and what we can do to help

financial ombudsman consults on plans and budget for the year ahead

6 January 2015

new year, new start

5 January 2015

with Christmas out of the way, it’s a good time to think about how to get money savvy in the new year - we’ll be tweeting a top tip every hour to get your finances into shape this January

news updates for 2014 »

previous events

for larger businesses

  • London - 18 November 2015 - "close to home: mortgages and the ombudsman" - conference for complaints managers and those with responsibility for resolving customer disputes at building societies.
  • London - 14 July 2015 - "vulnerability, your customers and the ombudsman" - conference for banks and credit providers about treating consumers in vulnerable circumstances fairly
  • London - 3 March 2015 - “cars, credit and complaints” second workshop for finance companies
  • London - 26 February 2015 - “cars, credit and complaints” workshop for finance companies
  • London - 24 February 2015 - forum for private medical insurers

"meet the ombudsman" roadshows for smaller businesses

  • Great Yarmouth - Wednesday 14 October 2015
  • Isle of Wight - Wednesday 7 October 2015
  • Poole - Tuesday 22 September 2015
  • Stirling - Wednesday 16 September 2015
  • Aberdeen - Wednesday 2 September 2015
  • Crewe - Tuesday 28 July 2015
  • Bradford - Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Blackpool - Tuesday 7 July 2015
  • York - Wednesday 24 June 2015
  • Durham - Tuesday 23 June 2015
  • Belfast - 6 May 2015
  • Nottingham - 16 April 2015
  • Northampton - Wednesday 1 April 2015
  • Hatfield - Thursday 5 March 2015
  • Bromsgrove - Wednesday 28 January 2015


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