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"The ombudsman is like a football ref because ... "

3 November 2004

The Financial Ombudsman Service today announced the winners of its "ombudsman as ref" competition for consumers - organised as part of this year's series of ombudsman roadshows and events.

Four consumers each won a football bean-bag chair for their "tie-break" entries:

The ombudsman is like a football ref because ...

... he listens to both sides, not the biggest and loudest

Terry Cooper, Cannock

... he's always on the ball / if financial service disputes call

Mrs L A Doodnath, London

... adjudication resolves disarray / ensuring fair not foul play

John Adams, Birmingham

... he doesn't take sides and his decision is final

Fraser Moon, aged 10, Fareham

The "ombudsman as ref" competition - along with other football-themed activities for consumers - formed part of an initiative aimed at raising public awareness of the ombudsman as an impartial and independent "referee": resolving financial disputes, without taking sides.

The ombudsman's football-themed consumer events kicked off at the BBC Good Homes Show at Birmingham NEC in May - coinciding with the Euro 2004 championship - and ended with the Westmorland County Show in September. During the season's "fixtures" several thousands of consumers visited the ombudsman's exhibition stand and took part in the "ref test" - to test their knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as financial consumers.

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