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ombudsman news issue 32

24 October 2003

ombudsman news - latest issue now available

Consumers and firms are both sometimes mistaken about the extent of our jurisdiction (the matters we can and cannot look into). The latest edition of ombudsman news, now available on our website, looks at jurisdiction issues that can give rise to misunderstandings in relation to insurance complaints. These include complaints that involve group policies, as well as commercial cases where the event being complained about happened before we gained our statutory powers on 1 December 2001.

The banking and investment-related case studies we feature this month amply illustrate just how broad our jurisdiction is. The case studies, based on some of the disputes we have dealt with recently, include:

  • a woman who said the firm misled her about the free travel insurance it offered with its credit card;
  • a couple who accused a firm of discrimination when it refused to pay them a terminal bonus after they cashed in their endowment policy ahead of time; and
  • a firm that turned down a man's request to suspend his life assurance premiums for a few months - after he suffered a near-fatal heart attack - on the grounds that he left it too long after the onset of his illness to apply.

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