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ombudsman news issue 33

28 November 2003

ombudsman news - issue 33 now available

There's a kind of banking mistake that can make customers happy - the kind that the game of "Monopoly" calls "bank error in your favour". Is it the same in real life? The latest edition of "ombudsman news", now available on the Financial Ombudsman Service website, explains how we deal with disputes where the firm mistakenly credits a customer's account with money the customer is not entitled to.

We also:

  • look at issues that can arise with personal pension mis-selling complaints, where the customers missed the deadline for inclusion in the regulator's pensions review
  • outline how we use "interest" to calculate financial awards, and explain changes we intend to make from 1 January 2004 in some types of cases
  • provide an extract from our recently updated "guide for complaints handlers", aimed at staff in firms' compliance or customer service departments
  • highlight the ways in which our technical advice desk can help firms and consumer advisers and
  • answer questions about "frivolous and vexatious" complaints and about a complaint that the firm said we would not be able to deal with because it was "time-barred by the 15-year long stop".

media enquiries

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  • Emma Parker – phone 020 7964 0966
  • out of hours – phone 0771 8658 306