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ombudsman and Asian consumers

Research we carried out a few years ago showed that Asian consumers were only half as likely as other ethnic groups to have heard of the ombudsman.

But following a series of outreach campaigns by the ombudsman since then, we've seen a significant increase in levels of awareness of the ombudsman across the Asian community.

our media partners

The ombudsman works in partnership with a range of specialist media-outlets working with the Asian community, including:


Asian woman magazine:

Zee (the Asian media network):

The Asian Today:

Asian-lifestyle websites - such as Bollywood Hungama, Santa Banta, One India, The Times of India and websites - which have web links through to our own website

out and about

We regularly take part in national and regional Asian community-events across the UK, including melas in Birmingham, London and Leicester.

our service is for everyone ...

We aim to meet the particular needs of our consumers. So if you need information about our service in a different format or language, just let us know and we'll do our best to help