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teachers, governors and education-workers

The Financial Ombudsman Service is committed to outreach work with younger people, who research shows have a lower than general awareness of their consumer rights (including their right to use the ombudsman).

As part of this work the ombudsman recognises the important role that teachers, youth workers and governors have in providing information and advice to younger people.

education-resource pack

The ombudsman service has produced an education resource-pack available for teachers, governors and education workers - providing key information for younger people about the role of the ombudsman in resolving disputes. The educational resource was launched at the Education Show at Birmingham NEC.

The resource-pack includes:

top tips for complaining [PDF opens in new window]

"what is an ombudsman?" - how a Swedish word first used in 1809 is now recognised globally [PDF opens in new window]

"settling financial disputes without taking sides" [PDF opens in new window]

work with specialist-media outlets

Working with teachers, youth workers and governors has highlighted the value that these "trusted individuals" in the community place on the key life-skills that dispute-resolution involves - such as negotiation, problem-solving and communication.

image: education pack

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