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listen to the ombudsman website being read aloud - on your own computer

We use a "speech browser" facility called Browsealoud on our website. Using Browsealoud software - which can be downloaded free-of-charge from the bottom of each page on our website - people can listen to information on the website being read aloud on their own computer.

Browsealoud allows people to select the particular words on screen that they want to hear spoken aloud. The words are then individually highlighted in turn, as the computer reads them out. Seeing the words highlighted on screen, as they are spoken, helps the user follow what is being read aloud.

A "speech browser" facility such as Browsealoud is especially useful for people with sight impairment, people whose first language isn't English, and those who find it more difficult to read and take in written language.

This "speech browser" facility on our website forms part of our commitment to ensuring that no one needing our service is unfairly disadvantaged by barriers such as language or physical ability.

This commitment to "accessibility" also includes:

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