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David Baker joins ombudsman service as head of practice

2 March 2009

The Financial Ombudsman Service welcomes David Baker as its newly appointed head of practice. This new post - advertised in autumn 2008 [advert opens in PDF format] - has been created as part of the ombudsman service's commitment to transparency and openness.

As head of practice, David Baker will have responsibility for coordinating, consolidating and documenting information and guidance on casework-policy issues and the ombudsman's approach to decision-making. In this new senior-management role, David Baker will also join the ombudsman panel as a lead ombudsman.

David Baker is an economist by training, with significant experience of financial services in both the public and private sectors. He is a former economic adviser with the UK Government Economic Service and the European Development Fund. He has worked in emerging-markets banking-supervision for the Bank of England/FSA and in various senior roles at the Financial Services Authority (FSA). More recently he was a director with the Pearl Group.

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