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ombudsman at mobility roadshow Scotland

The Financial Ombudsman Service took part in the Mobility Roadshow Scotland in Edinburgh on 25 and 26 April 2008 - to help raise awareness of the ombudsman service's impartial role in settling financial disputes.

The Mobility Roadshow is the largest annual mobility and lifestyle event of its kind. According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, around 9.8 million people in the UK currently have a disability - with more than half the population over 75 having some form of disability.

To mark the event, the ombudsman service provided wheelchair users and blue-badge holders with a high-visibility rucksack, containing:

top tips for complaining [PDF opens in new window]

"what is an ombudsman?" - how a Swedish word first used in 1809 is now recognised globally [PDF opens in new window]

"settling financial disputes without taking sides" [PDF opens in new window]

This initiative was part of the ombudsman service's commitment to outreach work with specific groups of consumers, who our research indicates are less likely to know about, or use, our service.

Outreach work with people with disabilities has included:

  • consultation with local groups on how we approach disability issues - for example, our use of "easy read" (accessible text);
  • taking part in Beyond Boundaries Live events - aimed at giving people with disabilities the opportunity to engage more actively in the community; and
  • coverage in Able and Disability Review magazines