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the ombudsman and older consumers

The ombudsman is committed to working closely with older people - as part of our outreach work with targeted groups of consumers who use the ombudsman less and have lower levels of awareness of the service.

Focusing on a period in life when consumers are likely to face significant change - and important financial challenges and decisions - the campaign reminds older and retired people about their right as consumers to use the free independent ombudsman, in the event of a dispute with a bank, insurance company or financial business.

our partners

The ombudsman works closely in partnership with a range of specialist media aimed at older consumers:

out and about

The ombudsman takes part in - and organises - a wide-range of events aimed at older consumers, including:

  • the 50+ Show in London, Glasgow and Manchester
  • drop-in complaints-clinics focused on older people - held in partnership with local advice groups and agencies
  • the Caravan and Motorhome Show at Birmingham NEC

trusted advisers

The ombudsman works with a wide range of advice workers and community groups that work with older consumers. This includes:

  • running community and advice worker training-days for front-line advisers at a range of organisations that represent the interests of older consumers
  • taking part in community events including hosting, afternoon tea for Bethnal Green pensioners club
  • contributing to publications read by advice workers - such as Inform and Advise (for Age Concern carers and advisers), Advice NI and Citizens Advice Adviser - as well as special features in ombudsman news on the cases we see involving older people (ombudsman news issue 74, issue 111 and issue 130)
  • taking part in Nursing in Practice - the largest free event for practice nurses and primary-care specialists across the UK
  • working with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) - the organisation that works across the NHS, handling patient and family concerns
  • taking part in local radio interviews and phone-ins aimed at older consumers - especially those living in rural districts or more isolated parts of the UK.