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our publications

want to take your complaint further?

our consumer leaflet – which businesses must give consumers at the relevant stage in the complaints process (and the easy read version with audio-clip)

ombudsman news

our regular newsletter for people interested in financial complaints – and how to settle or prevent them – providing news, recent case studies and feedback from the ombudsman

consumer factsheets

covering a range of subject areas and specialist topics

guides for businesses covered by the ombudsman

providing more details about the ombudsman service's processes and procedures – together with our series of quick guides for businesses

complaints data

statistics about the complaints referred to the ombudsman service – showing the number we receive and the proportion we uphold

online technical resource

setting out the ombudsman's usual approach to the disputes we see involving the financial products and services most complained about

ombudsman decisions

search the database of decisions made by our ombudsmen on individual cases

annual reviews and directors' reports

facts, figures and information covering our workload and complaint trends for each financial year – as well as our directors' reports and audited financial statements

annual plans & budgets

analysis and consultation on our expected workload, financial resources and staffing for the year ahead

our policy statements and other documents

setting out our strategic approach to key corporate issues

reporting on our equality, diversity and inclusion

equality, diversity, inclusion – what we’ve achieved and what we’re working on

our consultation papers and feedback statements

annual review cover

meeting your needs and speaking your language

Information is available in different formats (such as Braille, large print or audiotape) and in a range of other languages.