We regularly share our insight and we do so in a number of ways. Our blogs are just one of them, and here we talk not only about the thousands of cases we see each year but about what it's like to work at the ombudsman service.


Can small businesses use the Financial Ombudsman?

22 January 2024

You may be aware that the Financial Ombudsman Service resolves disputes between individual consumers and financial businesses. But did you know we can also consider complaints from small businesses and other small organisations?

Blog SME Jurisdiction

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Diversity and inclusion: how we talk about race at work

30 October 2023

To mark Black History Month, Karl Khan shares why diversity is important to the Financial Ombudsman Service and reflects on how we’re planning to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

Blog Diversity, inclusion and wellbeing reports

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Our people, our purpose 

24 October 2023

In this blog, Chief People Officer, Jane Cosgrove talks about our people, our purpose and our shared values – and how they are fundamental in building an engaged and inclusive organisation.


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How financial businesses should work with us to resolve complaints

17 October 2023

In this blog, Deputy Chief Ombudsman, James Dipple-Johnstone, sets out why it's critical that financial firms and claims management companies (CMCs) are aware of what to do when a complaint is referred to our service – and highlights the support we provide to assist with good complaint handling.

Blog Business Support Hub CMC

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How to help consumers if they have problems with goods and services

2 August 2023

From the complaints that we’ve seen, we know that consumers aren’t always aware of the rights and protection available when using plastic cards and credit.

Section 75 Blog

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Dealing with complaints about car finance commission

31 July 2023

We see a range of complaints about car finance agreements – from admin issues to affordability. Increasingly, we’re hearing from customers about the fairness of commission arrangements when they took out a car finance agreement.

Consumer Credit Car finance

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