Our quarterly updates on financial products and services include the number of enquiries and new cases we received, the number of complaints passed to an ombudsman for a final decision, and the proportion of complaints resolved in favour of customers.

Last updated: 25th August 2020

Q1 2020/21 data – complaints and trends

On this page you’ll find information about the key trends we saw in the first three months of this financial year (1 April to 30 June 2020) – the first we've published using our new product taxonomy. You can access the full data through the spreadsheet below. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact consumers and small businesses across a wide range of financial issues. You can read more about its impact on the complaints we’ve seen in our separate Covid-19 insight

This quarter, payment protection insurance (PPI) remained our most complained-about product – below we highlight some of the key themes we saw between April and the end of June.

Summary of the quarter

Consumer enquiries: 110,695 

12% fewer than Q4 2019/20 and 19% fewer than Q1 2019/20

New complaints: 57,509 

4% fewer than Q4 2019/20 and 18% fewer than Q1 2019/20

Referrals to an ombudsman: 7,731

25% fewer than Q4 2019/20 and 38% fewer than Q1 2019/20


Uphold rate: 32%

one percentage point higher than Q4 2019/20 and two percentage points higher than Q1 2019/20

Uphold rate (excluding PPI): 40%


Highest uphold rate: Home credit – 86%


Most complained-about product: PPI – 15,842 new complaints


Our Q1 2020/21 trends

PPI remains our most complained-about product, but new complaints decreased:

  • PPI continues to be our most complained-about product, although we received around half the complaints we expected to see during this period, and 39% fewer complaints compared to the previous quarter. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, financial businesses had to focus their resources where they were most needed, meaning that they’re still working through the millions of customer complaints received following the PPI deadline in August 2019.
  • The uphold rate for PPI complaints remains low at 17%. This suggests that businesses are continuing to apply our established approach to PPI mis-selling complaints, meaning most consumers are getting fair answers at the first time of asking, and that we’re seeing fewer cases where we think the consumer hasn’t been given the right answer.


Complaints about guarantor loans and home credit have increased:

  • Compared to the previous quarter, we saw the number of new payday loan and instalment complaints decline slightly, likely as a result of some of the larger payday lenders exiting the market. At the same time, we saw significant increases in complaints in other areas of the wider high-cost credit market. New complaints about guarantor loans increased by 177% (to 1,017) this quarter, and new complaints about home credit by 77% (to 1,166).
  • Uphold rates for complaints about guarantor loans and home credit remain high at 85% and 86% respectively.


* Where accompanying commentary refers to percentage increases in the number of complaints or enquiries received compared to previous quarters, these will reflect the position at the date at which the latest data is calculated, rather than a comparison with previously published data. This enables us to present the latest available picture of trends. Similarly, cumulative figures, where given, won't necessarily match individual additions of previous quarters’ totals. This is because the data for each period is a snapshot view at the end of that period. It's possible that as cases are investigated further, how they are categorised may be refined to better reflect what the complaint was about. This will be captured in cumulative figures, but previously published datasets will not be updated.


In each release of quarterly data (about both financial products and relating to complaints about claims management companies), we publish the number of new enquiries and new complaints received in the period, together with the number of ombudsman referrals and the percentage of cases upheld in favour of the customer.

From the Q1 2020/21 releases, we changed the threshold for our reporting on the number of new complaints received. In previous releases, we published data where our service had received at least 30 new complaints about a product or service in the relevant reporting period. From Q1 2020/21, we reduced this threshold to the receipt of at least 10 new complaints, to increase the granularity of insight we’re able to offer stakeholders about complaints trends. Products and services where we have received at least one, but fewer than 10 new complaints, will be denoted as “<10”. 

We have also taken the opportunity to update our criteria for publishing uphold rates. Previously, we published the percentage of cases upheld in favour of the customer where we had both received 30 new complaints and resolved 30 complaints about a product or service in the relevant period. From Q1 2020/21, we will publish the uphold rate where we have resolved 30 or more complaints about the relevant product or service in the period – we will no longer apply a threshold relating to the receipt of new complaints.