I missed the ferry departure, but my insurer has turned down my claim

Travel Insurance

Malik complained when his insurer said his claim for a missed departure wasn’t covered.

What happened

Malik was travelling by ferry from Dover. He was at the ferry port but when the time came to board the ferry, his car wouldn’t start. He arranged for a mechanic to come and start his car, but by this time, he’d missed the ferry. He made a claim to his insurer for the cost of getting a later ferry.

Malik’s insurer said the claim wasn’t covered. The policy only provided missed departure benefit when the customer doesn’t make it to the international departure point in time to travel.

As he was already at the international departure point when his car broke down, Malik felt it was unfair that his insurer said his claim wasn’t covered and made a complaint. Unhappy with his insurer’s final response, he contacted us to make a complaint.

What we said

We looked at the policy wording. Although Malik had arrived at the port on time, he wasn’t able to drive onto the ferry. We didn’t think it made any difference to the insurer whether Malik’s car had broken down one mile away or within the gates of the port.

We thought it would be fair and reasonable for the insurer to pay his claim.