'My insurer only paid 60% of my claim after I’d been burgled'

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We look at Francis' complaint after her insurer paid out less than she'd been expecting following a burglary.

How we helped

We found that when Francis took out her policy online, she’d been asked whether she’d had any home insurance claims in the last five years – she said she’d had one. However, we discovered that her insurer had checked and found that she’d actually had two claims, and had forgotten about a burglary claim she made three years previously. As a result of only telling the insurer she’d had one claim, Francis had only paid 60% of the premium she should have done.

Putting things right

We were satisfied that Francis hadn’t taken reasonable care not to misrepresent when she answered the insurer’s question about previous claims, and that she’d paid 60% of the premium she should have paid. We also established she’d been careless. We agreed it was fair for the insurer to settle her claim proportionately.