‘My insurer voided my home insurance policy and refused my claim for fire damage’

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We look at Tilly's complaint about her voided home insurance policy.

How we helped

We found that when Tilly took out her policy in 2016 she’d been asked if she’d had any claims in the previous five years. She said she’d had one following a storm in 2015. We also established that Tilly hadn’t mentioned a small claim she’d had for escape of water in 2012.

We checked and discovered that Tilly renewed her policy in 2017, and it was still live at the time of her claim. We found she’d been given a copy of the information she’d provided when she took the policy out, and asked to let the insurer know if anything was wrong or had changed. She hadn’t contacted them. The information said she only had the storm damage claim in 2015.

Putting things right

We agreed with the insurer that Tilly hadn’t taken reasonable care not to misrepresent. She’d not checked her records when took out the policy, or when she renewed it, and just assumed the escape of water claim was more than five years ago.