Financial Ombudsman Service publishes its latest quarterly complaints data

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The Financial Ombudsman Service has published its complaints data on financial products for October – December 2022 (Q3). In Q3, it upheld 35% of complaints in the consumers’ favour.

The Financial Ombudsman Service received 41,303 new complaints in Q3, up from 35,342 new complaints in the same period in 2021/22 (Q3 2021/22).

The top five most complained about products are below:

  1. 6,082 complaints about current accounts, compared to 5,522 complaints in Q3 2021/22
  2. 3,216 complaints about credit cards, compared to 3,263  complaints in Q3 2021/22
  3. 2,987 complaints about hire purchase (motor), compared to 1,321 in Q3 2021/22
  4. 2,769 complaints about car or motorcycle insurance, compared to 2,178 in Q3 2021/22
  5. 2,493 complaints about running account credit, compared to 233 in Q3 2021/22

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