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ombudsman at The Credit Show

14 May 2008

Consumer-credit businesses have been covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service – the independent organisation that settles disputes between consumers and financial businesses – for just over a year now. To mark this, the ombudsman service is launching its tailored guide for consumer-credit businesses at The Credit Show 2008, Olympia Conference Centre, London (14 and 15 May 2008). The guide provides useful information on the complaints-handling rules, time limits and the ombudsman process.

There will be experts from the ombudsman service on-hand at The Credit Show to answer questions about the ombudsman service and to promote the work of its free technical advice desk.

Over the last year the ombudsman service has received – in line with expectations – around 2,000 consumer-credit complaints about the range of credit issues from debt-collecting and hire-purchase to pawnbroking. For the ombudsman to be able to help, consumers need to have raised the problem first with the business concerned and the consumer-credit complaint must relate to an event after 6 April 2007.

Jane Hingston, lead ombudsman for banking and credit, said:

It has been encouraging to see how quickly many businesses with consumer-credit licences have adapted to our role – and how willing they have been to participate in arriving at informal complaint settlements.

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