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consumer factsheets on …

a range of subject areas and specialist topics – from how we set about resolving complaints, to the technicalities involved in certain kinds of disputes

how we deal with your complaint

Our factsheet on the approach we take to settling disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services (also available as an audio-clip in mp3-format).

payment protection insurance

Our factsheet for consumers, looking at the issues that most frequently crop up in disputes about payment protection insurance (sometimes called "PPI" or loan protection).

"pension freedom" changes

Our factsheet explaining what the new "pension freedom" changes are.

current-account charges

Our factsheet for consumers who have a complaint about a bank charge that has been applied to their current account.

complaints involving cheques

Our factsheet on some of the problems we deal with involving cheques written by – or accepted by – consumers.

complaints about income protection insurance

This is a factsheet for consumers with income protection insurance who are complaining about their insurance company rejecting or stopping a claim; handling a claim incorrectly, poorly or unfairly; or mis-selling a policy.

medical "non-disclosure" in insurance

Our factsheet for consumers who have a complaint about an insurance company turning down an insurance claim – because of so-called medical "non-disclosure".

power of attorney - our tips for consumers

Part of our work to help banks and consumers avoid problems when supporting people who are losing the capacity to manage their finances.

mortgage endowment complaints

Our factsheet giving general information about mortgage endowment complaints – aimed at consumers who think they may have a complaint about their mortgage endowment policy.

what happens now an ombudsman is making a final decision?

Our factsheet for consumers explaining what to expect when their case goes to an ombudsman for a decision.

what happens now I’ve got an ombudsman’s final decision?

Our factsheet explaining the legal standing of a final decision by an ombudsman – where the consumer accepts the decision within the timescale set by the ombudsman and it becomes legally binding.

enforcing an ombudsman's decision in court

Our factsheet explaining why a consumer may need to enforce an ombudsman’s decision in court - and what this involves. But it shouldn’t be taken as legal advice.

compensation over £150,000 - out of date

This factsheet is now out of date as our award limit has been increased. Please see our compensation note for more information.


Our quick guide – for consumers and businesses who have complaints with the ombudsman service – on how hearings fit into our process.

the ombudsman and elected representatives

Our mini-guide for MPs, councillors etc (and their researchers), giving a brief introduction to the role of the ombudsman.

the ombudsman and advice workers

Our mini-guide for community and advice workers, outlining how we can help and explaining our procedures and general approach.

bank computer troubles

A factsheet explaining how we can help sort out complaints involving computer troubles at banks.