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Beverly's PPI problem 

For consumers / Who we’ve helped

Beverly wanted to find out if she had been mis-sold PPI on a personal loan, however she felt that the loan... happened After seeing the media attention surrounding PPI, Beverly started to question whether she had also... intervention Beverly's loan provider recalculated her


Published 24/06/2019    Last updated 28/01/2021


For businesses / Complaints we deal with

a complaint about mis-sold PPI, unless the PPI policy was sold after 29 August 2017 or their complaint... think they’ve been mis-sold PPI. Consumers might complain about mis-sold PPI if:  they didn’t know... update In the run-up to

Published 03/05/2019    Last updated 22/08/2023


For consumers / Complaints we can help with

with concerns about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). If you've complained to a financial business and... borrowers mostly paid for PPI by a “monthly premium”. This is where the PPI was paid for in monthly instalments... you can check if PPI is

Published 11/02/2019    Last updated 31/08/2022

Carolyn’s PPI complaint 

For consumers / Who we’ve helped

a complaint about payment protection insurance (PPI).  She wasn ’ t sure that the business had made... help with . PPI complaints  The deadline for complaining to a business about mis-sold PPI was ... Carolyn complained to her bank about the sale of


Published 17/02/2020    Last updated 28/01/2021

I’m looking for your PPI forms 

For businesses / Complaints we deal with / PPI

find the forms you need to complain about mis-sold PPI – and forms for businesses whose customers have complained... wrong when your PPI was sold to you, you’ll also need to fill out our PPI questionnaire. PPI questionnaire... 49KB) version and

Published 25/05/2019    Last updated 01/03/2023

What is PPI – and did I have it? 

For businesses / Complaints we deal with / PPI

have claimed back the cost of mis-sold PPI. Find out what PPI is, whether it’s likely you had it, and... looking at PPI complaints. You can find out more about this here . How do I know if I had PPI? PPI was most... What is

Published 08/06/2019    Last updated 25/01/2023

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) case studies 

For businesses / Complaints we deal with / PPI / An overview of the ombudsman's approach

A range of case studies showing how we look at complaints about how PPI was sold.

Published 26/05/2019    Last updated 16/02/2023

How does the ombudsman resolve PPI complaints? 

For businesses / Complaints we deal with / PPI

We’ve helped millions of people with concerns about PPI. You can find out more detail on how we've looked... at the complaints we've seen and how we decide if PPI was mis-sold.... complaints about mis-sold PPI A detailed look at how we resolve complaints about

Published 25/05/2019    Last updated 26/01/2021

Consultation - amendments to rules (changes to the time limits for PPI complaints) (pdf) 

Consultations and responses

Published 02/06/2017    Last updated 06/07/2023

How do I complain about PPI? 

For businesses / Complaints we deal with / PPI

It’s easy and free to complain about PPI - for example, if you think you were mis-sold it. You... complain to the business about PPI? If you want to complain about PPI, the first thing to do is to contact... need some details about your PPI -

Published 25/05/2019    Last updated 26/01/2021

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