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frequently-asked questions

This section answers a number of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about:

complaining to the ombudsman

if a business is no longer trading

what happens if a business I have a complaint against is no longer trading?

If a business is no longer trading, we may not be able to help you. However, we consider each case individually. Before we decide what to do, we will take a range of factors into account - including whether the business is in a position to meet its financial commitments.

In the case of an FCA-regulated firm, you may be able to make a claim using the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS is the "final safety net" for customers of failed FCA-regulated firms. If you are happy for us to, we will refer your case – where appropriate – to the FSCS who then contact you to explain how they may be able to help. The FSCS has its own set of rules and criteria for handling customers' complaints against failed firms.