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frequently-asked questions

This section answers a number of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about:

complaining to the ombudsman

complaints from businesses, charities and trusts

what types of businesses, charities and trusts can use our service?

Complaints can be brought by, or on behalf of, customers (or potential customers) who are:

  • private individuals or
  • "micro-enterprises".

"Micro-enterprises" (an EU term covering smaller businesses) can bring complaints to the ombudsman as long as they have an annual turnover of up to two million euros and fewer than ten employees.

If you are a smaller business, charity or trust wanting to bring a complaint to the ombudsman, we will usually need to ask you some questions and request relevant paperwork from you about your turnover etc.

If you are not sure if your complaint is one we can help with, just ask us.