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information for businesses covered by the ombudsman service

This section answers a number of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about:

our funding

paying if no complaints

why should my business pay anything if no complaints are made about us?

Even if none of your customers have used the ombudsman service, they still have the reassurance of knowing they could bring a complaint to us if necessary.

An ombudsman scheme doesn't exist just for the small proportion of consumers who actually make complaints. All businesses – whether or not they have any complaints referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service – benefit from the increased consumer confidence that the existence of the ombudsman provides.

And the ombudsman service's funding covers much more than settling cases. We carry out a wide range of complaints prevention work, aimed at helping prevent problems from escalating into full-blown disputes.

For example, we run our technical advice desk, we take part in events around the country, and we publish ombudsman news and an extensive series of factsheets for consumers and guides for businesses.