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ombudsman publishes new booklet for firms

29 September 2004

The Financial Ombudsman Service has launched a new publication produced specifically for financial services firms that generally have little direct contact with the ombudsman service.

80% of firms covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service actually have no complaints referred to the ombudsman; and of those firms where the ombudsman receives complaints, most only have one or two cases referred each year. However, all firms still need to understand the role of the ombudsman as part of the consumer protection and regulatory framework.

The booklet published this week, an introduction to the Financial Ombudsman Service:

  • gives a brief overview of the complaints procedures that all authorised financial firms need to have in place;
  • explains how the ombudsman fits in to the complaints procedures; and
  • outlines the procedures and general approach of the ombudsman.

Over the next months, the ombudsman service will be sending copies of the booklet - and welcome packs - to all newly regulated general insurance and mortgage intermediaries, who will be covered by the ombudsman service by law once they become FSA-authorised. The booklet will also be available at a wide range of industry events and conferences this autumn - including the nationwide series of events that the ombudsman is hosting for intermediary firms.

Hard copies of this booklet are also available on request (phone 020 7964 0092).

There is more information and resources for firms on the special section of the ombudsman service website.

media enquiries

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