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freedom of information

our publication scheme

As an independent organisation we’ve got a unique perspective on money matters. And we know many people look to us for the insight and information they need – from financial businesses and their customers, to policymakers, researchers and business and consumer groups.

Since we were set up in 2000, we’ve always aimed to be as open and helpful as we can in sharing what we know. Through our website, publications and outreach, we answer questions about our work free of charge. And we consult publicly on the issues and decisions that matter to the people who use and fund us.

The information we’re asked for the most is listed below. We’ve organised this information in seven categories – in line with the Information Commissioner's model scheme.

who we are and what we do

what we spend and how we spend it

what our priorities are and how we are doing

how we make decisions

our policies and procedures

lists and registers

the services we offer

free, fair, for everyone

The UK's official expert in sorting out problems with banking, insurance, PPI, loans, mortgages, pensions and other money and financial complaints.

need help?

consumer helpline
0800 023 4567

our technical advice desk
(for businesses and consumer advisers)
020 7964 1400

media enquiries
020 7964 1234
07901 118 018 out of hours


information in different formats and languages

We can provide information in different formats and languages free of charge. And we can adapt the way we communicate with you – depending on your needs. For example, we can use Braille, large print or CD/audiotape and we can make and receive calls using Text Relay.