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watch out for the fake ombudsman

25 June 2018

We've heard that people are getting fraudulent phone calls again from scammers claiming to be from the Financial Ombudsman Service. The scammers are falsely using our name to try to persuade people to reveal details about their personal and financial circumstances - and making things look authentic by getting our number to appear on caller ID.

The ombudsman doesn't write to or phone people out of the blue to ask for personal information. We would only contact you if you've been in touch with us to register a complaint - and then we would only speak to you about that complaint. We're a free service so we will never ask you for money and we don't pay compensation to you directly.

If you've been contacted by someone pretending to be from the Financial Ombudsman Service please get in touch with us to let us know. The information you share could help us to crack down on the fraudsters. Our free phone number is 0800 023 4 567.

To help protect yourself generally from scam communications, you should:

  • Never reveal any personal details - such as your address, phone number, etc - unless you're absolutely sure that the person you're dealing with really is who they say they are;
  • Never give out any of your banking or credit card details unless you know for certain that the request is genuine; and
  • Never give anyone your security information, such as your internet/telephone banking password or log-in details (no genuine banking firm ever asks you to provide this information)

For more information on how to protect yourself against online scams and rip-offs, get in touch with ActionFraud. They'll also want to hear from you if you've been contacted by an organisation pretending to be the Financial Ombudsman Service or another organisation.

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