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ombudsman news issue 30

issue 30
August 2003

'The increasing popularity of laminate wooden flooring has led to a number of disputes about whether it is covered by the buildings or contents policy.'


ombudsman news issue 29

issue 29
July 2003

Focusing on the two issues that stand out in travel insurance complaints:

  • whether or not a travel policy covers particular events
  • the impact of exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions.

ombudsman news issue 28

issue 28
May 2003

'Given the absence of stormy weather on or around the period claimed for, we concluded that the dominant cause of the damage to the roof was lack of maintenance, rather than storm. Even light rainfall would have caused the roof to leak.'


ombudsman news issue 27

issue 27
April 2003

Sue Slipman, the newly appointed chair of the ombudsman service, writes about the need 'to create sufficient flexibility to cope with the wide-ranging and unpredictable levels of external demand'.


ombudsman news issue 26

issue 26
March 2003

An update on complaints about so-called 'precipice bonds' - following regulatory concerns that 'the complexity of these products, and the fact that investors may not understand that their capital is at substantial risk, mean there is a danger of mis-selling'.


ombudsman news issue 25

issue 25
February 2003

Focusing on complaints involving:

  • disputed cash withdrawals - over the counter and at cash machines
  • the requirement to disclose spent motoring convictions to the insurer.

ombudsman news issue 24

issue 24
January 2003

'The policyholder blamed the firm for "tipping-off" his estranged wife that his pension policy had matured.'


ombudsman news issue 23

issue 23
December 2002

'We rejected the complaint about pensions advice on the grounds that the customer, a teacher, presented contradictory and unreliable evidence.'


ombudsman news issue 22

issue 22
November 2002

'Transferring money abroad is not a straightforward process and can give rise to complaints. Many of these complaints are about delays. But some are about money that has gone completely astray.'


ombudsman news issue 21

issue 21
October 2002

Launching a page for readers' questions - with answers to queries about:

  • tax payable on mortgage endowment compensation
  • re-opening a complaint after the file is closed
  • help for an adviser receiving a complaint for the first time in 20 years.

issues: 91 to 100 | 81 to 90 | 71 to 80 | 61 to 70 | 51 to 60 | 41 to 50 | 31 to 40 | 21 to 30 | 11 to 20 | 1 to 10

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