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ombudsman news issue 60

issue 60
March/April 2007

The Q&A page helps an independent financial adviser (IFA) with their first-ever complaint.


ombudsman news issue 59

issue 59
January/February 2007

The chief ombudsman reflects on disputes that involve life's tragedies: 'People turn to us in the most difficult and distressing of circumstances. Of course, our natural instinct is to want to reach out and sympathise. But we have to decide cases on a dispassionate analysis of facts and set aside our emotions.'

ombudsman news issue 58

issue 58
December 2006

Reporting back from recent ombudsman-hosted seminars on travel insurance complaints and disputed card transactions.


ombudsman news issue 57

issue 57
October/November 2006

An insurer writes in to ask: 'Should satnav equipment be considered as personal possessions under a domestic contents policy - or as a vehicle tool under a motor policy?'


ombudsman news issue 56

issue 56
September/October 2006

Sir Christopher Kelly, chairman of the ombudsman board, self-deprecatingly describes himself as 'just a man in suit who's been a civil servant for 30 years' - as he tells ombudsman news about the importance of understanding the impact a dispute can have on the life of both sides involved.


ombudsman news issue 55

issue 55
August 2006

'With a stolen, cloned vehicle, if the policyholder clearly took all reasonable steps to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle they were buying, they have a "defeasible title" to the vehicle and should receive the full market value of a similar vehicle with an unblemished history.'


ombudsman news issue 54

issue 54
June/July 2006

Launching a review of how the ombudsman service is funded, chief ombudsman, Walter Merricks, admits that 'some might think we've taken leave of our senses - and that we'll simply be unleashing a bout of special pleading, madcap ideas and general disarray'.


ombudsman news issue 53

issue 53
May 2006

'With online insurance, the fact that the insurer may refuse to meet a claim on the basis of information that the policyholder did (or didn't) give in their application raises particular problems - we are applying 18th-century law to 21st-century technology.'


ombudsman news issue 52

issue 52
March/April 2006

Celebrating a quarter-century of ombudsmen - on the 25th anniversary of the Insurance Ombudsman Bureau (IOB) opening its doors in April 1981.


ombudsman news issue 51

issue 51
January/February 2006

A new look to mark five years of ombudsman news includes a new interview slot - launched by lead ombudsman, Jane Hingston, who looks at debt problems and financial hardship.


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ombudsman news gives general information on the position at the date of publication. It is not a definitive statement of the law, our approach or our procedure.

The illustrative case studies are based broadly on real-life cases, but are not precedents. Individual cases are decided on their own facts.